Plan B Salad

Today at the Farmer’s Market I found some declicious-looking pears.

Overexposed, under-ripe pears.

Immediately, I thought of the gorgonzola cheese I had in the fridge and the tiny handful of walnuts left in the cupboard and knew that I had dinner planned.

So I got home and started slicing the pears when I realized they weren’t ripe, yet.

“Aw, crap!” I thought. “So much for the perfect dinner salad.”

But wait! I had also purchased a small musk melon.  Since the pungent, salty flavor of gorgonzola contrasts so nicely with the sweet, juicy flavor of pears (when they are, in fact, sweet and juicy, and not starchy and crunchy like mine were), why wouldn’t it go well with the sweet, juicy flavor of musk melon?

Add in some chicken, onions, and a dressing made of equal parts wildflower honey, balsamic vinegar and olive oil, and you end up with a salad even better than the one I had intended.  (Whoops, forgot the walnuts!)

Plan B Salad

If there’s one thing I’ve gotten good at in life, it is adapting quickly to changes to my plans.  I like to make plans, set goals, etc. and find that doing so helps keep me going in the right direction, but sometimes life won’t conform to your plans and goals and you have to quickly detour.  And who knows?  Maybe that detour will lead to something even better than you had planned for yourself.


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